the next chapter

So you have a baby.  Every SINGLE person is going to tell you what your life is going to be like.  They’re going to tell you how much your life will change, and how you simply will not do the things you did before, or how everything will be difficult.  And they are right — to a certain degree.  Here is my experience!


First off, I knew having a baby was going to change my life.  I wasn’t sure how exactly, but I was READY for the change.  All of my life I have been looking forward to having children, and my daughter is totally a dream come true.  In short, she opened my heart even bigger, and filled it with the best kind of love I could’ve ever dreamed about.


As much as I love getting advice from others, I remind myself daily to just listen and not take things too closely to heart.  “Their” story, is simply NOT mine.  I have been told over and over again that I will not be able to do things.  At one month old we went to a Red Wings game.  Many people said it would be awful, and guess what - it was AWESOME!  I went on to travel all over for the entire year, and made some incredible memories with my husband and my daughter.  Was it different travelling with a baby?  - - SURE.  But it was incredible.  We have travelled to a few areas of Michigan, Ohio, New York, Toronto, Cozumel and two coasts of Florida.  We have been on planes, boats and lots of road trips by car.  My little dear's scrap book of adventures is pretty full, and we have just begun!


The take away from this… DO NOT let other’s negativity scare you into believing you CAN’T do what you want to do.


My career on the other hand, was put on pause.  I tried to do a few performances when she was little, and it was very stressful.  She was an exclusively breast fed baby, and would not take a bottle.  This has truly limited my time away from her, but guess what?  THAT’S OK TOO!  haha!!  We have the greatest bond in the world, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.  I have learned so much from this.  It was time for me to take a good break, to focus solely on my new role in my family, and to truly take in every irreplaceable moment with my girl.  Again, the nay-sayers that think they know everything, told me their opinions.  All the things they would say I already knew, and was totally ok with!  I still had some pretty great shows, but brought her to them.  She got to even experience the stage a few times during sound checks.  Adapt and push forward!


My next take away… THIS right here is YOUR life.  You get to CHOOSE each and every morning how your attitude about life is going to be.  When circumstances that are out of your control totally turn 360, go with the flow.  Enjoy that process of life.  It has made each day so beautiful for me to know that and embrace all the ups and downs!


Life after ONE YEAR.  I am ready to dip my toes back into my passions again, and feel refreshed and excited to do so.  My first dip is beginning this evening.  I am recording the most amazing song that has my entire heart poured into it.  I began writing it with my newborn in my arms, and I cannot wait to share this with the world.  Its the first page of my diary, from the depth of my soul.  “a letter to my daughter”.  I’m planning to release this on Mother’s Day.  SO here it goes - the next chapter.  Thank you for coming along for the ride!  For life is all about the ride, so take in every moment.  Once that moment passes it is just a memory.


Kerri xx